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Bianca Heule, am 09.10.2018 um 16:33

My two favorite things at the moment <3

I have 2 things I really love at the moment here in Maynooth ... the colours of the leaves on the trees and the "Library cat"

It´s true there are at least one cat on South Campus. You´ll always find it near the library. Just petting and cuddling him brightens your day up :) I heard a rumour that there is one more cat on campus. But.. I haven´t seen it YET.. hopefully find it one day.

Ireland in autumn is sooo beautiful. It is so colourful and a lot more green than parts of Austria. And on usually rare sunny days (had already more than 5) the temperature is rising and Irish people are walking around with shorts with only 18°C. I couldn´t do that. On the clothes you can differ foreigners from the Irish :D

Library cat and I --- purr :)