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Andrea Hodisan, am 05.03.2019 um 00:14


Today it was a very nice day in Dublin!

Elisabeth, Anna, Mrs. Zeilinger and I visited Dublin today. After our arrival, we first made a hop-on hop-off tour through Dublin. This tour lasted about 2 hours and was very interesting. After the tour we went over the famous Ha'penny Bridge to the Hard Rock Cafe where we had lunch. After lunch we went to "The Church Café " where we ate a delicious dessert. Then we hurried to the castle of Dublin to get in before it was closed, we made a round through the castle and then we went on. We also went to the Molly Melon sculpture and then to Stephen's green shopping center. After that we went into a Pub for one drink and now we are on our way home to Cork. It was really a long but nice day.