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Karin Schloffer, am 27.02.2019 um 18:24

Day three, four & five

A lot of new experiences

The day before yesterday we were at the Partnership International agency and had a little briefing for the next two working weeks. After that, we were allowed to walk around the city and do whatever we wanted to do. Some girls and I took the time to visit the ST. ANNA’S CHURCH and had a breathtaking view over the whole city Cork. After that we drove to the University College and walked around the large area.

Yesterday Lara and I had to met four people from the partnership international team to do some filming, but we weren’t the people who filmed, we actually had to stand in front of the camera and do some interviews and conversations. In general I really don’t like to stand in front of the camera, but it was quite ok. While we were filming, we visited the Jameson Experience and it was such an interesting trip. I would totally recommend the Jameson Distillery.

Today we were at the office and talked about our daily work in our companies and got to know some more about the social media strategies, the corporate identity and the anniversary of 10 years of Partnership International. Ohh, I think I forgot to say that Lara and I work directly at the Partnership International company, I’m sorry. After lunch time we had to research about video and newsletter strategies.

Looking forward for the next few working days. :)