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Karin Schloffer, am 04.03.2019 um 12:40

My weekend in Cork City

Ring of Kerry Bustour ????

On Saturday my girls group and I made a bustour around the Ring of Kerry. It was such a great experience with so many beautiful places. We stopped at Killarney, Waterville near the sea and made many stops at the National Park. The highlight was the Torc Waterfall at the end of the bustour - it was breathtaking! I would totally recommend the Ring of Kerry Bustour.

In the evening we went to the Crane Lane Theater to have some drinks there and met our colleagues from work. Afterwards we all were going to the Old Oak Club and enjoyed the rest of the night. 

Sunday was a very relaxing day for me, because our group went to the Jameson Distillery where I already was last week, so I didn’t have to go there again. I just watched Netflix and had a long sleep to recover. :)