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Katharina Hierzberger, am 01.03.2018 um 00:06

Our arrival and my first impressions in Sicily

What do you need for a new adventure? Did I forget something? And will we arrive in Barcellona p. G. without problems?

This where a few of my first thoughts when I started to travel.

Now I work in Sicily for two weeks. To watch how the hairdressing salons work and I want to make new experiences.

The arrival in Sicily

Our first day started at five o‘clock in the morning, where our group met at the airport in Graz. We flew to Frankfurt, where we waited one hour for boarding at a gate, when we realized it was the wrong one. We ran to the other gate and had lots of luck. The departure was delayed and we arrived in time for boarding. When we landed in Catania it was one o‘clock p.m. First we looked for our bus and then we started our adventure to Barcellona Poggo di Gotto. 

My first impressions

At this time of the year Sicily is a very beautiful and green country. As we drove along the coast, we saw turquoise blue sea. It rained the entire day and it was very cold, but it was just beautiful. In the evening when we unpacked our suitcases, we went out for dinner.

Today we celebrated Clara’s 18th Birthday.