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Lara Dinauer, am 06.03.2019 um 21:36

Bus Tour Ring of Kerry

If you stay in Irlenad for just a short time but you want to explore the beauty of this island's landscapes, don't miss the Ring of Kerry!

You will discover lovely villages and lots of fabulous seascapes around every corner. Here are some of them, we got to see:

Waterville by the wild Atlantic

This village simlly provides you a stunning feeling while walking the seafront. You are welcomed to feel the spirit of the wild Atlantic Ocean. 

Don't forget to take a photograph with the staue of Charlie Chaplin, who actually had a house by the sea here. 

By the way: Eating lunch at the restaurant called Lobster is highly recommended!

Ladies View in Killarney National Park

One of the many breathtaking scenic points in Killarney National Park is called the Ladies View. As Queen Victoria's ladies admired the view back in the 19th century, I'm sure you would also do. 

Our last but not least stop: Torc Waterfall

After driving on veeeeeery thight and curvy roads all day long we arrived at the Torc Waterfall. Because of much rain in the early hours of the day, we could take photos of thundering water in the moss-covered wood. Beautiful.