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Geburtsdatum 18.10.1993
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Marisa Holer, am 02.03.2018 um 14:05

My first impressions

My name is Marisa, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Slovenia and I’ve been living now for 3 years in Austria. I work as a hairdresser at the salon Susan Beauté.

This year I had the chance to join Erasmus+ and travel to Sicily, Italy where I experience to work in an Italian salon. The fact that I could join my hobbies: travelling, meeting new people and working as a hairdresser makes me very exited and curious. 

On Monday in Sicily we were exploring the town where we will going to stay for two weeks - Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. It’s a nice small town with good food and friendly people. 

On Tuesday day we visited the salon where we would work, the salon looks very modern and the people who work there seem very friendly. I’m excited to see how a typical day in an Italian salon looks like and maybe I can learn some new techniques. 

On Wednesday, I started to work at 8.30, I was a little nervos,but because we have only two weeks here I wanted to make a good impression so I immediately asked

If I can help them, so I could wash the clients hair and apply color. The coworkers and my boss at the salon don’t speak very good English so I used Google translator to communicate with them. I think the first day at the salon was pretty successful.

On Thursday I started to work at 15.30, so I had time to visit the beach in the morning, which was incredible. At work I helped to clean the salon, wash the clients hair and also apply color. I noticed that the way we apply color, cut and wash hair is different than theirs, but they were curious to see how we do these things. I We can learn a lot from each other.