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Maximilian Lambert, am 29.07.2019 um 22:33

First Of All What Happened Before

Sorry for being a little bit too late with my first entry but life always hits you unexpected. Enjoy some thoughts before the start my adventure!

Hello party people and welcome to my BLOG! My name is Max (well, it is a little bit longer but let's keep it short :) and I am going to tell you some fascinating stories about my ERASMUS+ experience in Malta.

Sorry for being a little bit too late with my first entry but life always hits you unexpected, especially when it's about women but no more about that.

Salzburg was always too small for me, so I decided to go abroad and experience the world! When travelling, you get just a glimpse of the culture but living and working for a month is something different. That's why I decided to experience ERASMUS+ and take part in the EU integration process.

So, the next question is WHERE. Not as easy as you think it is because Europe is enormous. After our first ERASMUS+ meeting, we (Julia, Sarah, Leo and I) decided to go to Sweden, well that didn't work out so good... I sent like ten job enquiries, but every single one was rejected...

Time for plan B, after some discussions the next target was Brussels, Belgium... But after like two days our decision, we were halted again because there is no work available in August.

Once again, we were forced to think about our destination. Fortunately, our teacher came up with a new agency which is based in Malta. Hmmm Malta, what do I actually know about this little EU member.? It is situated south of Italy. It is an island, so it has beaches and last but not least it was a British colony, so they speak English but have good food. Sounds good, I guess.

These were the thoughts behind our current adventure in Malta and if you want to know more about our wellbeing and activities, keep hitting the F5 button till I get time to tell you weird & awesome stories!

Your crazy travelling dude,

Maximilian Lambert