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Simone Reicht, am 05.10.2019 um 23:20

Ah nice day with Tarina and Princess Cakes

... finally we made a nice city day !

In this entry I will introduce you to one of my best friends here. Tarina is the best corridor-studentdorm-flatmate you can imagine. We had already nice movie evenings, many shared mornings in the kitchen and a lot of fun together.

Today we went to my smultronställe behind our house. After that we took the tunnelbana to the city and ate our very first Princess-Cake! That is very Swedish and tastes great!

After that we walked around Södermalm (one part of Stockholm) and found some very nice (view)spots in the city! We enjoyed it a lot and we are definitely doing that again! :)  

Happiness and sunshine :)