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Simone Reicht, am 18.10.2019 um 16:13


... everything started with the James Veitch Video!

This James Veitch Video is just absolutely great (in my opinion). I just love the duck part. Since I saw it the first time, the ducks are somehow showing up again and again in my life. First, I visited a friend in Vorarlberg, Austria. There we visited a good friend of him and there were about 100 of bathroom ducks in the flat, because his girlfriend collects them. That was crazy!!

In January, my former student-home flatmate and very good friend Georg gave me about 50 bathroom ducks as a birthday present. He formed a bathroom duck line from our kitchen and in my room was a 22 ducks assembly waiting for me (I turned 22). That was one of the best presents I ever got!!

Then, I walked through a supermarket here in Sweden, and guess what, I found Duck-Pasta!!!! I nearly freaked out and of course I had to buy it. And of course all my studentdorm-mates here had to watch the video with me :D

Then we had a creativity workshop at the Nobel-Museum. There we got 6 Lego-Pieces. And of course, we had to built a duck! The result were a lot of different Lego-Ducks and now I am a proud owner of a Lego-Duck in Stockholm!