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Beatrice Victoria, am 22.10.2018 um 22:38


There’s always time for a cocktail ????????

Last week was the Edinburgh Cocktail Week. Over 80 bars offered a signature cocktail which one could buy for only 4£ (having a wristband which wasn’t expensive at all!). Of course, I had to take part and I discovered not only a range of great and special cocktails but also a lot of cozy bars I will definitely visit again!

The best cocktail I had was “Selkie Sparkles”, which you can see on the picture. Not only it looked good with the flower on top, but it tasted even better. The ingredients were Selkie Gin, Grapefruit Sherbet, Lemon Juice and London Essence Soda.

What a great week of wonderful drinks it was!


“Selkie Sparkles” tasted as good as it looks