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Zielland Irland
Geburtsdatum 22.05.2000
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Chiara Kratzer, am 27.02.2019 um 00:42

1st day of work

I had my first day as a hairdresser in cork.

I started to work around 9:30 am at the cork academy of hairdressing.

They all welcomed me like I was part of their team.

I showed them what types of work I'm good at on some manequins and they showed me how they would do it.

They do some things a little different than we do in Austria, but I think its great to see and learn new techniques.

The rest of the day I went shopping and found a lot of cool places and stores. Than I met my friends and we went to eat and drink at "The Oliver Plunkett" which is a very recommendable restaurant.

I'm kind of falling in love with this city, even though the weather isn't my favorite.