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Johanna Byloff, am 20.11.2018 um 23:19

Annecy and a thank you

This weekend, I visited a tranquil mountain village with a lake ... and nothing much else (just joking, of course!)

First of all I want to thank everyone who has been reading this so far and giving me feedback, be it in person or through reactions on facebook - you're great! It has been a lovely experience recording my travels in and around Lyon and I hope that I inspired at least some of you to come visit this wonderful city and it's surroundings. I'm rather sad that it ends so soon (I thought I had at least one more week to tell you guys all about theatre and Marseille which I'll be visiting this weekend), but alas, all good things do. 

This Sunday, two Erasmus friends and me went to Annecy for an afternoon in the french village close to Switzerland. Even though it's only at 380 meters elevation (the lake, that is), it was really cold, dropping down to 4 degrees at midday. Now, looking back, I'm not really surprised, because we had that exact temperature today. After disembarking from the bus, we walked through the old city centre and visited a few churches. The main attraction is, of course, the lake and the surrounding mountainside, and the old city itself looks a tiny bit like Venice with its bridges and canals.

Annecy is surely picturesque, but the old city centre is just that ... a few blocks, lovely views and restaurants. If you want to spend more time there, I suggest going on a hike or not visiting on a Sunday, when the castle/history museum should be open. We all had various expectations coming here and all got something completely different out of the trip (not bad, of course!), but for hiking taking a car would be a better idea, and for city tourism please see my posts on Geneva. In the end, we settled for a walk around the lake, which apparently a lot of french families who live there do as well. 

What was really fascinating was the market in the centre, where we got our lunch and also got to try different sausages and cheeses! If you're ever in France, do try to visit one of the many markets, they all sell locally and have various french specialities. On a side note, this is the village where Rousseau (french philosopher) wrote many of his works, which kind of makes sense, given the tranquility of it all. To sum up, it was a great trip, which even though unexpected in some ways, led to wonderful conversations in others! 

Annecy lake and mountain, plus a very straight lake/horizon line