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Geburtsdatum 08.11.1998
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Annecy and a thank you

This weekend, I visited a tranquil mountain village with a lake ... and nothing much else (just joking, of course!)

a wonderful concert and the french uni system

quick update!

Mathematics in motion

Science in the Contemporary Art Museum

Chocolate, chocolate and more ...

the salon the chocolat!

The musée de Gadagne

a lovely renaissance house with all of Lyon inside it ...

The musée de l'imprimerie

A very fascinating delve into a part of Lyon's lesser known past ...

Lyon sweets and a street market

Apparently the Croix-Rousse market once featured in german-french television ...

MUSCO and Halloween in Lyon

A rather special museum!

Croix-Rousse, revisited

Including a visit to the lovely Musée des Automates!

the silk district Croix-Rousse

A visit to the Maison de Canuts and Croix-Rousse