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Johanna Byloff, am 23.09.2018 um 21:39

The Biennale de la Danse and my first academic week!

It's time to catch up to today by putting a bit more into this post ...

Last Sunday we attended the défilé for la paix, a dance parade which this years theme was peace. The Biennale de la Danse is staged for a few weeks every two years in september, where various dancing events are staged in Lyon. During this parade, 13 different teams from all over Lyon danced to different musical themes in different costumes, and we saw all of them! Sadly I can't put a video in here, but below you'll see a photo of us with some of the dancers.

This Monday, uni was in full swing with an introduction from the departments head, followed by our first set of classes. Students usually have classes from 8-12 and from 14-18 (except Thursday afternoon, which is reserved for associations), but since I'm not taking all of the classes in my year, I'll have some more free time. This time is divided up between lectures, which are all in french but some have accompanying powerpoint presentations in english (which is confusing at first, but great for reviewing notes since they aren't in french), and tutorials, which have fewer students and in which examples of exam calculations are done. 

The week passed rather uneventfully, with a few introductory lectures and a great get together for the internationals. Yesterday, we visited the museum of cinema and miniature, which told us that at the entrance that it was the 7th-best museum in France ... we were not disappointed - it was a rather modern museum with a great setup, preserving modern pop culture artefacts. What a respite from the hundred art / history museums I usually visit (and bore you with on this blog ;)! Today was a relaxed day, with another friend from Austria visiting me and us going to a concert at the opera, which I wrote about extensively already last week (I'm a fan). The concert was great, even though they took some liberty with the time of the pause - we were almost not let in after arriving after 25 minutes (the pause was 30). 

Finally, I'm up to today and can relax ... It was a bit stressful forgetting to write one day, and then doing some other activity I could easily come up with 1000 words for ... So, for now, nothing upcoming ;) 

#nomakeup haha