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Verena Matlschweiger, am 29.05.2019 um 20:22

My time in Trondheim – a love declaration

Obwohl die Gefahr besteht, dass dies der pathetischste ERASMUS-Bericht aller Zeiten ist, möchte ich was loswerden; ausnahmsweise auf Englisch.

To go to on exchange to Trondheim was one of the best decisions of my life, but nobody warned me about how hard it will be when time is over. It is hard to believe that live as I had it the last months is almost over. It is time to say a big thank you to everybody who contributed to making sure I will always have my ERASMUS-time in good memories. 

I want to say a big thank you to all the students I met, for being so open and always ready to meet new people.  

It was really nice to share all the outdoor activities with you: cross-country and downhill skiing and cross-country skiing which almost felt like downhill, ice-skating (even though you were hangover), trying to snowboard for the first time in our lives after it rained the whole morning, swimming in cold water and feeling “like new people” afterwards, cabin trips and excursions to Bymarka, Estenstadmarka and through the city. 

I am also very happy that I shared so many meals with you: we “celebrated” Tacco- and Pizza-Fredag, Topfenknödel, waffles, Easter brunch and 17th of May breakfast as well as barbeques on the porch (at the first spring days when it was like 9°C) and at the beach. Thanks for sharing self-brewed bear and apple wine. I also got taught how to cook “real Italian carbonara”. The secret seems to “shake the heggs” for at least 10 minutes, it was delicious.  

To all the Lørdag på Søndag visitors, I was trying to find the best version of “I shall be released” on Spotify, but there are too many, so for now I picked that one and here is one of the french songs and our favourite band from the Jazz-night in Studentersamfundet. 

It might be surprising, but I also spent a considerable amount of time in school this semester and thanks to some people I sometimes had very enjoyable moments there. I will keep the – sometimes very long – lunch-breaks in very good memory, even though some of you called the canteen food “strange” every single time. The actual work was also not unpleasant thanks to my nice group members in the projects. Especially the Canadian one was dependable and constant (even constant in being late 10 min) – you know I am kidding, right? 

Special thanks to my flatmates who made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you so much for honestly sharing thoughts, worries, laughter, food, photos and all sort of inspiration and for introducing me to Stao No Pao, Sommerkroppen and Bramboráky. I often missed you when you weren’t around and I am looking forward to visiting you (wherever). 

Thanks to all the visitors from home. When you were here I always felt like I was on holiday even more. Thanks for not complaining about walking endless distances and even going hiking with me. I want to thank some visitors for bringing wine and the others for drinking it with me and one for having delicious food ready when I came home from university.  

To all people I have to say goodbye now or soon and to those I won’t have the chance to say goodbye anymore: Don’t hesitate to contact me, whenever you are in Austria (even if it is in 10 year time, we can still talk about good old times in Trondheim). 

Trondheim love