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Reasons to go on ERASMUS

Since the diary challenge ends tomorrow, I would like to give you some good reasons to go abroad within the ERASMUS program!

France vs Wales - Footballnight!

On Friday November 10th I went to a football match to feel french patriotism :)


One week of suspension, let's go to LONDON!

International networking in Paris

On October 24th the annual "Day of the United Nations" takes place

Art in the city

Exhibitions in Paris you have to see

Glittering Eiffletower and honking cars

Doing the tourisme-route with my cousin :-)

I'm in love!

What to do when classes are cancelled? Fall in love with Paris!

What a week!

Heimweh & Fernweh

Ooohhh Champs-Élysées

Sonntags in Paris!

Endlich Essen!

Diese Woche ist viel zu schnell vergangen - ein kurzer Überblick hier: